Amimon Connex Antenna Mount
Connex Antenna Mount (Showroom)
Montagehalterung für die Antennen der Lufteinheit. Lieferumfang 2x Antennenhalter
CHF 9.90 * CHF 13.90 *
Freefly Systems MIMIC Beta (for use with M5, M10, M15)
MIMIC Beta (for use with M5, M10, M15)
When the MōVI launched in 2013, Freefly enabled unrestricted camera movement in a way that wasn't possible before. This year camera control technology leaps forward with the MIMIC. With this new, intuitive MōVI Control method, there are...
CHF 596.90 *
Freefly Systems MoVI Firmware Recovery Jumper
MoVI Firmware Recovery Jumper
The MōVI Firmware Recovery Jumper allows for users to recover from an unsuccessful firmware update. It allows the MōVI (M5, M10, and M15) to start up in boot-loader mode, in the event that the firmware process has been interrupted.
CHF 2.90 *
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