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PolarPro CrystalSky - 5.5" Screen Cover
CrystalSky - 5.5" Screen Cover
The PolarPro CrystalSky 5.5 inch Screen Cover was developed to protect our screens while traveling. Each screen cover is made from a durable injection molded rubber, strong enough to provide adequate protection yet soft enough to not...
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PolarPro CrystalSky - 7.85" Screen Cover
CrystalSky - 7.85" Screen Cover
The PolarPro CrystalSky 7.85 inch Screen Cover was developed to protect the larger CrystalSky screen while traveling or anytime the monitor is not in use. Each Screen Cover is made from a durable injection molded rubber, strong enough to...
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DJI Inspire 2 Gimbal Rubber Dampers (10pcs) P61
Inspire 2 Gimbal Rubber Dampers (10pcs) P61
Specially designed for the Inspire 2, these gimbal dampers are used to mount the Zenmuse X4S/X5S/X7 gimbal on an Inspire 2 aircraft. In the Box Gimbal Dampers × 10
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Foldable Landing Pad 80cm
Foldable Landing Pad 80cm
Luminous Function Parking Aporn Foldable LED Landing Pad 80cm for Spark, Mavic Pro, Phantom 2/3/4, Inspire 1/2. Features This airfield is mainly for UAV novice landing training, also can be used as the dedicated landing zone during the...
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DJI Inspire 2 IP1 Adapter to IP2 Charging Hub Power Cable P42
Inspire 2 IP1 Adapter to IP2 Charging Hub Power...
Dieses Kabel wird verwendet um die Inspire 2 Akkuladestation mit dem Akkuladegerät der Inspire 1 zu verbinden (Kompatibel mit dem 180 W und 100 W Ladegerät). Lieferumfang Inspire 2 - Inspire 1 Ladegerät auf Inspire 2 Akkuladestation...
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PolarPro DronePen - Lens Cleaning Pen/Brush
DronePen - Lens Cleaning Pen/Brush
PolarPro's dual tip DronePen is a compact and versitle tool that can be clipped to your pocket or stashed in your drone case. It provides 2 tools to keep your camera lens, filters, gimbal and motors free of dust and dirt. One side of the...
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AEROdron Touch-Screen Handschuhe
Touch-Screen Handschuhe
Diese Handschuhe schützen vor Kälte und der Touch-Screen kann trotzdem bedient werden. Detail Masseinheits-Art: Paare Gewicht: 0.085kg (0.19lb.) Gender: Unisex Size: M
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DJI Inspire 1 X5R Gimbal Lock P97
Inspire 1 X5R Gimbal Lock P97
Keine Produktbeschreibung vorhanden.
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Ronin-MX Remote Start/Stop P1
Ronin-MX Remote Start/Stop P1
Der DJI Remote Start/Stop wurde zur Benutzung mit den Ronin Gimbals oder DJI Focus entwickelt, um das Aufnehmen von Videos oder Fotos zu steuern. Wenn der Remote Start/Stop mit dem Ronin-MX und Matrice 600 verwendet wird, kann einfach...
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DJI Ronin 4S Battery (4350mAh) P51
Ronin 4S Battery (4350mAh) P51
Die Intelligent Battery für die Ronin Modelle ist einfach zu installieren und kann leicht aufgeladen werden mit dem beinhalteten Ladegerät. Die erwartete Laufzeit des Akkus beträgt 6 Stunden. Technische Daten Kapaziät: 15.2V, 4350mAh...
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DJI X5R SSD (512GB) P2
X5R SSD (512GB) P2
The Zenmuse X5R SSD is a high performance storage device designed for the Zenmuse X5R. It is essential when shooting video in a lossless format. Specifications Capacity: 512 GB Dimensions: 84 mm × 38 mm × 6.5 mm Weight: 33 g Operating...
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DJI Focus Neck Strap P12
Focus Neck Strap P12
Attaches to the remote controller for easy carrying around your neck or over your shoulder.
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